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BioNet Air Purifiers

The most revolutionary advancement in air purification today!

We no longer carry this system, we recommend the Lightning Air Purifier




BioNet Air PurifiersTM are so effective that as air passes through the patented EGFTM germ killing zone the first time, 99+% of viruses and 94-100% other microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi are reduced. Standard HEPA filters will only trap these organisms but will not eliminate them. The Bio-Net Air Purifier is exceptionally effective in removing viruses, bacteria and mold when compared to HEPA only filters.

The BioNet Air PurifierTM with patented EGFTM technology is unique, and is laboratory tested and listed by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device. Assuring you that the Bio-Net meets stringent standards for quality and performance. Reducing indoor air irritants will greatly benefit Allergy, Asthma & MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) sufferers.

The BioNet Air PurifierTM is the most revolutionary advancement in air purifiers today because of its germ killing ability. In addition to the germ killing, Bio-Net air purifiers also effectively remove odors, chemicals, airborne dust, pollen and more. Airborne contaminants can stress even a healthy respiratory system, and can be especially dangerous to individuals with allergy, asthma and chronic respiratory disease.

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