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Replacement  Filter Plates For:  

LightningAir LA1
LightningAir LA2
LightningAir LA4
LightningAir Industrial (LA3IC-3)
SpringAir CS-2
SpringAir CS-4
SpringAir IC-3
Natures Air
Alpine Classic
Alpine Ionizer
Alpine Industrial
Alpine 150 HMA
Alpine 250 HMA
Alpine 880
Alpine Blaster- Dial
Alpine Blaster- Programmable
Alpine Flair
Alpine HCU
Alpine Breeze
Living Air Classic
(formerly XL-15)
Living Air Classic Plus
(formerly XL-15 Plus)
Living Air Eagle 2500
Living Air Eagle 5000
Salon 1000
Salon 2000
Salon 3000
XL-15S Plus
XL-15 Classic
Alpine 150
Alpine C-15

HEPA filter replacements for LightningAir Plus LA-2SPX 

Ceramic Replacements for Glass Plates



  • Nature's Air Purifiers
  • Lightning Air Cleaners
  • SpringAir Cleaners
  • Alpine Air Purifiers


Standard Replacement
Ceramic Filter Plate


6 Pack buy 5 get one free - Save $24.95
10 Pack buy 8 get two free - Save $49.90
15 Pack buy 12 get three free - Save $74.85

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Shipping $6.00 per order
for standard delivery

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Heavy Duty Ozone
Ceramic Filter Plate

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Only  $39.95

6 Pack - get one free - Save $39.95!
10 Pack - get two free - Save $79.90!
15 Pack - get three free - Save $119.85!

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Shipping $6.00 per order
for standard delivery

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For best performance, do not combine the standard plates with the heavy-duty plates. 
 You may also achieve better results for multiple plate units, if you replace all plates at one time.

NOTE: Heavy Duty Lifetime limited warranty is against breakage only,
See our return policy for standard product warranty.

Replacement HEPA Filters for LA2 LightningAir Plus


LA-2SPX - LightningAir Plus
HEPA Replacement Filters

$48.00 each


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Shipping $6.00 standard delivery


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